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If you have an idea, or if you are looking for a special or costumized miniature request in any scale/size, please send us an email:

Pedidos Especiais
Se tiver uma ideia, ou se pretender um modelo à sua "medida" e em qualquer escala, por favor envie-nos um email:

Photos gaming table my friend Bart

Photos gaming table my friend Davy

Mais uns modelos para a Belgica para o amigo Bart.
A few more models for Belgium for friend Bart.


 Fotos da mesa de jogo do amigo Davy .
Com edificios da orange scenics.
Photos from the table the friend  Davy.
With buildings of orange scenics.


New dioramas from Carlos Briz

Para o amigo António / for friend António


1 comentário:

  1. That russian church is great. Csn you make this as a standalone 20mm model please? (no hex tile).

    A really lovely range of buildings.